Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Lenticular Sheet

Sample: A World Series commemorative lenticular sheet.
Source: Free box, garage sale.

A lenticular sheet is one of those small cards (or sometimes cereal boxes) that look like they are moving or change displays when you look at them from different angles. These sheets have two components: the animation part, which is a series of strips making up the respective parts of the animation, and a sheet of cylindrical lenses covering up the strips. When you change your angle relative to the surface of the sheet, the light refracting through the lens displays a different part of the animation, making it appear to move.

"World Series" Lenticular Sheet, 10x.

"World Series" Lenticular Sheet, 60x.

"World Series" Lenticular Sheet Lens, 60x.

"World Series" Lenticular Sheet Lens, 200x.

"World Series" Lenticular Sheet Lens (End-On), 60x.

"World Series" Lenticular Sheet Lens (End-On) 200x.


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