Monday, February 06, 2006

Cotton T-Shirt and Microfiber Shirt

Sample: A standard 100% cotton T-Shirt and a blue Teflon-coated 70% Acetate Polynosic/30% Polyester microfiber dress shirt.
Source: The floor, the closet.

This is sort of an "old vs. new" kind of thing. The old trusty wardrobe workhorse, the cotton tee versus the flashy technologically sophisticated smoother-than-silk modern wonder.

T-Shirt, 10x.

T- Shirt, 60x.

T Shirt, 200x.

Microfiber Shirt, 10x.

Microfiber Shirt, 60x.

Microfiber Shirt, 200x.

Microfiber Pants, 60x.

Microfiber Pants, 200x.

Clothing With Scale, 60x. Man! Those are some tiny fibers!


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