Monday, January 30, 2006

Gas Chromatography Column

Sample: A little piece of column from a gas chromatograph (GC).
Source: Beloit College Agilent 6150 Gas Chromatograph.

A gas chromatograph is a piece of analytical equipment used to separate components of complex mixtures by boiling point. Samples are injected into the machine which contains a column of glass coated on the inside with various substances that is between 15 and 100 meters long. The substances travel through the column at different speeds depending on the boiling point.

GC Column, 10x.

GC Column, 60x.

GC Column, 200x.

GC Column, 60x.

GC Column, 200x.

GC Column End, 10x.

GC Column End, 60x.

GC Column End 200x. Apologies for that bad image quality.

GC Column Vs. Pencil Lead - .5mm graphite versus the .25mm column. These things are tiny.


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