Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Panoramic panopoly of pixelated phone photos

Sample: Display from a cellphone, an old laptop, and a new laptop.
Source: Cellphone - Ran it through the washer. Whoops.
Old laptop - Christmas present given to me in the '90s.
New laptop - Karla Lightfield

Dang. This cellphone has a display comparable to what was state of the art back when I got that old laptop. Makes you think.

Phone screen, 10x.

Phone screen, 60x.

Phone screen, 200x. The field of view at 200x encompasses about 1mm (across). This makes each pixel 1/15 of a millimeter wide.

Phone screen backside, 60x.

Phone screen backside, 200x.

Old laptop pixels, 200x. The phone pixels look even smaller. This photo has a strange focus because I was holding the microscope up manually. I'm surprised it looks this good.

New laptop pixels, 200x. These pixels are as large in their long dimension as the others were in their short dimension. One day, we will not be able to see individual pixels, even with a microscope. And that will be a fine day indeed.

Although, do you really need 1280x1024 resolution on your cellphone?

I think not.


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