Monday, April 03, 2006


Sample: A feather.
Source: A bird. I'm no more an ornithologist than I am a botanist.

Feathers are fascinating structures. It is assumed they evolved from scales. If this is true, they have evolved a long way. Biologically, they are interesting because birds can regenerate then fantastically fast. Chemically, this feather is nothing special, but peacocks and other birds employ fascinating chemical or nanotechnological tricks to display their brilliant colors. For example, red parrots use a pigment that is found nowhere else in the natural world.

Kind of beats dressing up and going to bar, doesn't it? "Hey baby, I'm colored by a pigment found nowhere else in nature."

Well, it'd work on me, at any rate.

Feather, 10x.

Feather, 60x.

Feather, 200x.

Feather, separated. 60x.

Feather, separated. 200x.


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