Sunday, March 05, 2006

Peacock Feather

Sample: A peacock feather.
Source: Thanks to Anne, who I think is in the Galapagos right now.

Peacock feathers are colored because of optical interference arising from thousands of tiny platelike layers inside each tiny feather. This is the same phenomenon that gives the scarab beetle and many other insects their iridescent qualities.

Hopefully Intel will be listening to my letters and begin development of the QX-2000 Digital Blue Scanning Electron Micoscope soon. I'd really like to see those plates up close.

Back of a Peacock Feather, 10x.

Back of a Peacock Feather, 60x.

Back of a Peacock Feather, 200x.

Peacock Feather, 10x.

Peacock Feather, 60x.

Peacock Feather, 200x.


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