Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Tip 'n Tell

Sample: A "Tip 'n Tell" package snitcher.
Source: There was some box in a dumpster. Probably was fragile. Looked awfully damaged.

The Tip 'n Tell is a great idea. It's an almost unsettlingly phallic device that's half full of blue beads. (blue balls?)

The front is clear, and the back is adhesive. Basically, the idea is that if the package is manhandled or tipped, the blue beads enter the arrow and let the recipient know that it got the Samsonite Gorilla tratment.

Tip and Tell, 10x.

Tip and Tell, 60x.

Tip and Tell, 200x.

Tip and Tell, 60x.

Tip and Tell, 200x.

Tip and Tell, 60x.

Tip and Tell, 200x.

Tip and Tell, 60x. Transmitted Light.

Tip and Tell, 200x. Transmitted Light.

Tip and Tell, 60x.

Tip and Tell, 200x.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Metal Mesh

Sample: A fine mesh screen.
Source: Scavenged from an ancient TV that was exploded all over the back of the art building.

Mesh, 10x.

Mesh, 60x.

Mesh, 200x. Compare to the TEM grid, which is a REALLY fine mesh.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Hacksaw Blade

Sample: The blade of a hacksaw.
Source: Home Depot.

The hacksaw is one of Mankind's finest tools. Sturdy, versatile, destructive. The blades are refillable, and it's easily portable. No batteries required.

Hacksaw Blade, 10x.

Hacksaw Blade, 60x.

Hacksaw Blade, 200x.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Fax Lensbar

Sample: This bar of lenses dwells withing your fax machine, ready to faithfully reproduce your inages.
Source: A fax machine, disassembled Office Space style.

Fax Lenses, 10x.

Fax Lenses, 60x.

Fax Lenses, 200x.

Fax Lenses, 10x. Backlit.

Backlit Fax Lenses, 60x.