Monday, May 29, 2006


Sample: Self-adhesive velcro squares.
Source: Home Depot.

Hooks and loops. Technology mimics nature.

Loops, 10x.

Loops, 60x.

Loops, 200x.

Loops, 200x. From the side.

Hooks, 10x.

Hooks, 60x.

Hooks, 200x.

Hooks, 60x. From the side.

Hooks, 200x. From the side.

Saturday, May 27, 2006


Sample: A pill, generic Aleve (Wal-Proxen).
Source: Walgreens.

Pill, 10x.

Pill, 60x.

Pill, 200x.

Thursday, May 25, 2006


Sample: A transparent thumbtack viewed through crossed polarizing filters.
Source: Thumbtack: the floor of my office, polarizing filters: American Science and Surplus.

Polarized light is affected by its travel through a material. In crystals, this can serve as a way to ascertain their chemical identity (different chemicals rotate the polarity of the light in different amounts). In polymers and glasses, this can let you see the internal stress on the object, as different amounts of stress produce different bands of color.

Thumbtack, 10x.

Thumbtack, 60x.

Thumbtack, 200x.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Sample: The unrelenting terror that is BROOD X.
Source: Unearthed from the Lovecraftian abyss, Beloit WI.

Once every seventeen years, BROOD X emerges from its subterranian lair, unleashing a brutal swarm upon the sunlit lands above. Though the lifespan of BROOD X is rather short, they still manage to accomplish their orgiastic frenzy of terror, producing a dormant population of pulsating repulsive mucosal larvae to rise against humanity in another seventeen years.

Witness the horror that is BROOD X, 10x.

Patches of venomous green appear in between rivers of inky black, 60x.

The all-seeing eye of BROOD X, 60x.

Each facet is a black hole of TERROR, yearning to consume every photon of fear emitted by an unsuspecting public. 200x.

No mere tool of man's science can hope to probe deep into the murky madness within. 200x.

The insipid underbelly of BROOD X, 10x.

Grasping, reaching, clawing. The two-pointed toes of BROOD X carry nothing but horror, yearning to earn a secure foothold on the madness within. 60x.

Itching and flexing in slobbering anticipation, 200x.

Short stubbly hairs convey information about the subtle vibrations of the aether, 200x.

Resembling a drooling mouth hungry at the idea of blood, this structure serves no discernable function. 60x.

Gibbering madness waits for those who seek the secrets of BROOD X! 200x.

The appearance of fragility cloaks the wing's true purpose. 10x.

They can propel the brood at mind-bending speeds. 60x.

A small river of color in a sea of insanity. 60x.

Beauty amongst the forest of horror that is BROOD X only serves to enhance its malevolence. 200x.

Further analysis of the wing brings new terrors into the light. 60x.

Stubby and hideous protrusions line every square inch of BROOD X. 200x.

As if to mock us, further illumination only highlights the hideous structures further. 60x.

Sharper relief on the spiny terrors, 200x.

At last, the end of this nightmarish journey into the world of BROOD X. Perhaps one day, we will be able to slow the devastating effects this hellacious species has on our collective consciousness, and yes, perhaps even our souls. (200x)

Friday, May 19, 2006


Sample: A match.
Source: A matchbox I found on the street.

Man, it's been a while. Like a fat man packed with shrimp, so has my week been packed with science. If I can get 'ole bessie (my other, less functional computer) up and running, expect a nice big series of pictures this weekend.

Match, 10x.

Match, 60x.

Match, 200x.

Burnt Match, 10x.

Burnt Match, 60x.

Burnt Match, 200x.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Blast from the Past

Sample: A record. You know, those big black things, like frisbees but with music on them?
Source: Before my time, man.

Record, 10x.

Record, 60x.

Record, 200x.

Record, End-On. 60x.

Record, End-On. 200x. Too dark.

Record, End-On. 200x. Heavily modified from the previous image. Cheating? Perhaps. But I just couldn't get that image to come out right.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Sample: An orchid petal.
Source: This was in the refrigerator for some reason. Strange.

I love orchids. Fantastic colors, lovely symmetry. A great product of evolution.

Some of these images lack the crispness, contrast, and precision that I prefer from my pictures, but they nonetheless retain some aesthetic value.

Also, those little bumpy things all over the petal give me the willies, but they nonetheless retain some aesthetic value.

Orchid Petal, 10x.

Orchid Petal, 60x.

Orchid Petal, 60x. Transmitted light.

Orchid Petal, 60x.

Orchid Petal, 200x.

Orchid Petal, 200x.

Orchid Petal, 200x.

Orchid "Stem," 10x.

Orchid "Stem," 60x.

Orchid "Stem," 60x.

Orchid "Stem," 200x.